Our maca is gently dried for two weeks in Peru before being ground into a powder. We have a bias for raw ingredients when possible. We like to keep as many cofactors and microbiological activity as possible, so our maca does not go through gelatinization.

Although the efficacy shouldn’t be compromised, we don’t recommend removing the ingredients from the capsules unless done so under the direction and supervision of a healthcare provider.

All our biomass is sourced from organic farms or sustainable cultivation methods. Dr. Todd uses these essential oils in his practice, so we must insist on the best quality and avoid GMOs or artificial ingredients in our essential oils. Our oils are extracted with either steam distillation or cold pressing. In the case of the Frankincense, we use as steam distillation method. This is a low-heat process to protect the bioactive compounds and cofactors in the essences of the plant material. We never denature, reconstitute or mix oils with other chemical compounds.


Wildcrafted refers to plant material cultivated in nature and not on a farm. We believe this is a sustainable method for sourcing raw materials that haven’t be exposed to chemicals commonly used on farms. Our organic oils are sourced from USDA Certified Organic farms, so these are all crops grown to the standards of the USDA Organic seal. We choose to use wildcrafted Boswellia – instead of Certified Organic Boswellia – to keep the price affordable for retail sales. If we were to use USDA Certified Organic Boswellia, the price would be substantially higher. 


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