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Superfood Schooling: Lesson 1

Why do we need superfoods and supplements?

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The Problem: Modern Diet And Industrialized Food

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Over worked without even standing

Our bodies are designed for physical activity in the sunlight, but for most people, the average workday involves sitting inside and managing deadlines and emails. Days behind a desk are a threat to our health systems. In the confines of cubicles, we don’t receive important health benefits from our environment like sunlight (vitamin D) and physical activity (stress relief).

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Most diets are S.A.D.

For the first time in recorded history, the present generation has a shorter life expectancy than their parents. How could this be? For starters, our diet is dangerous for longevity.

We shifted away from a plant-based diet towards consuming more animal fats, sugar and processed ingredients. This calorie-rich and nutrient-sparse diet is catastrophic, and it is the catalyst for higher levels of heart disease, stroke and diabetes.

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There is less food in our food

Many of the nutrients in fruits and vegetables come from the plant’s soil. When industrial farming practices deplete soil of nutrients, our food lacks the vitamins and minerals to grow into healthful fruits and vegetables. Industrial farmers are forced to add indigestible additives to make the food appear more attractive, and to improve their yields, these farmers add toxic pesticides, herbicides and insecticides to the plants. The resulting fruits and vegetables are a far cry from the produce nature designed to nourish our bodies. Consequently, we overeat. As we consume more to quench our need for nutrients, we introduce more toxins and additives to our bodies.

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Human Physiology: Understanding Your Body

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What is homeostasis?

Homeostasis is all about balance. The internal and external environment of the body is in dynamic equilibrium (balance). Homeostasis is the process of maintaining stability in the body’s environments. This balance is essential for the body’s systems to work in unison. Examples of homeostasis include body temperature, blood composition and acid-base balance (pH).

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Why is it important?

Good health flourishes through homeostasis. Through the optimization of balance, your body can heal trauma and function efficiently. Homeostasis is a more comprehensive approach than isolating and treating individual symptoms. Each remedy for a symptom can impact other parts of the body. When we throw off the body’s balance, disease and death can occur.

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6 Body Systems And Functions

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Everything consumed travels down one long path where the nutrients are extracted and the waste is eliminated.

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Hormones regulate behavior and physiology. From metabolism to sex drive, hormones signal to organs and tissue how to grow, function and feel.

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The heart is the center of circulatory system. The heart pumps blood to circulate oxygen, carbon dioxide, nutrients and hormones.

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The immune system is a biological process for defending against disease. With increasingly specific layers of defense, the body attacks and mitigates infections or threats.

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The ability to move is made possible by the pivot points where bones intersect. The structural function of joints is facilitated by cartilage, ligaments and tendons.

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Consciousness, thought and emotion all occur through the brain — which operates through a complex system of electric signals and pulses.

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Help Them All Function Properly

Eating your self super is the first step towards helping all the systems in your body function with optimal performance.*

Beyond eating superfoods, smart supplementation can help reinforce your diet and support specific challenges to your health.*

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