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Nutritional Roots Launches Probiotic+, Their First Synbiotic SBO Probiotic

This combination of prebiotics and probiotics supports your health from soil to self.

February 8, 2021

Nutritional Roots Launches Probiotic+, Their First Synbiotic SBO Probiotic

PR Newswire, Jacksonville, FL – Nutritional Roots launched Probiotic+, a soil-based probiotic formula inspired by the digestive system’s vital role in absorbing nutrients and the emerging research of psychobiotics’ role in mood and mental health. 


Thousands of years ago, the human world lived in harmony with the microbial world. We barely cleaned things around us. Microbes flourished in and around us, but when science realized bad bugs could kill people, we started cleaning like crazy. Today, we live in a sterile world. We clean our bodies, our homes and our food more than ever. The new sterile standard saved some lives, but it’s also killing good microbes. These microbes are called probiotics. Probiotics form a community called the microbiome that lives in your digestive system. And after tens of thousands of years of thriving together, we outsourced a lot of health functions to the invisible friends in our microbiome. 


Now it’s time to invite them back and feed them what they need, so that they can feed us. 


Probiotics+ is carefully crafted to incorporate all your microbiome’s daily needs into one capsule. We started by carefully selecting probiotic strains for promoting digestive health and supporting your immune system. We used soil based strains, probiotics and psychobiotics. 


To help the probiotics flourish, we added prebiotics. Prebiotics are very complex carbohydrates. They’re long chains of carbohydrate molecules that our digestive system doesn’t break down. Prebiotics don’t directly nourish us, but they are food for probiotics. Nourishing our probiotics lets them nourish us. 


“Think about the roots of a plant. The root’s job is to absorb nutrients – just like your digestive system. Probiotics promote healthy digestion and nutrient absorption.” said Co-Founder Justin Root. “Probiotics+ is designed to restore your nutritional roots.”


One challenge with probiotics is delivering them where they need to go: the intestines. Nutritional Roots found the solution for this challenge with delayed release capsules. These capsules protect the probiotics on their journey through the stomach until they can safely flourish. These capsules also help protect the probiotics in shelf-stable temperatures.  


On top of all the nutrients for your microbiome, we also included two botanical blends. One to support mood balance from traditional herbs like Organic Ashwagandha, and another blend to help facilitate digestion with whole foods and digestive enzymes.

With an increased focus on potency and commitment to avoid using fillers and flow agents, this carefully designed formula fits into one daily capsule. Nutritional Roots decided to move towards smaller packaging and use 63% less plastic. The weight of each bottle was reduced by 60%. These changes will lower their carbon emissions from shipping by an estimated 62%

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