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Probiotics+ 2021 NEXTY Award Finalist

Probiotics+ is a finalist in the Product Supporting a Healthy Microbiome category.

August 25, 2021

Nutritional Roots’ New Probiotics+ Selected As 2021 NEXTY Award Finalist

Nutritional Roots invested two years designing and developing their new Probiotics+. They had a gut feeling it would be special.  

The 2021 NEXTY Awards announced Probiotics+ is a finalist in the Product Supporting a Healthy Microbiome category. This first-of-its-kind synbiotic dietary supplement was selected from more than 700 category nominations.

“Our team put a tremendous amount of thought and care into designing Probiotics+. It’s absolutely thrilling to be recognized as a NEXTY Award finalist among so many other innovative new products,” said Nutritional Roots Co-founder Justin Root.

Good health is rooted in the digestive system. Our digestive system absorbs nutrients for us to thrive much like roots absorb nutrients for plants to grow, heal and thrive. In 2013, a national survey found 74% of Americans live with at least one digestive issue. Probiotics+ was created to help these adults restore their nutritional roots. 

Probiotics+ was designed to incorporate all your microbiome’s daily needs into one capsule. Nutritional Roots paid meticulous attention to detail. They carefully selected probiotic strains including soil-based organisms, probiotics and psychobiotics. 

To help these probiotics flourish, organic plant-based prebiotics were added. Prebiotics are very complex carbohydrates. They’re carbohydrate molecules that we don’t digest. Prebiotics don’t directly nourish us, but by nourishing our probiotics, our probiotics can nourish us. 

One challenge with probiotics is delivering them to the large intestines where they flourish. Nutritional Roots found the solution with a delayed-release capsule. These capsules protect the probiotics on their journey through the stomach and small intestine. They also help protect the probiotics in shelf-stable temperatures.  

Nutritional Roots also included two plant-based blends. One to support a balanced mood made from traditional herbs like Organic Ashwagandha, and another blend to help facilitate digestion with organic whole foods and digestive enzymes.

Nutritional Roots commits to responsibly making all their products. They stand by their potency and purity with third-party testing, and they believe in thinking sustainably. With the launch of Probiotics+, they decided to move towards smaller packaging and use 63% less plastic. The weight of each bottle was reduced by 60%. These changes will lower their carbon emissions from shipping by an estimated 62%. 

“We put so much into making Probiotics+,” said Nutritional Roots Founder Dr. Todd J. Pesek M.D. “We are so grateful to be recognized by NEXTY Awards for all our efforts.” 


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