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Your Belly laughs are about to get better

Meet Our New Probiotics+

All the microscopic things your microbiome wants in just one delayed-release capsule. 

Our first-of-its-kind synbiotic supplement blends soil-based organisms with psychobiotics, prebiotics, enzymes and organic plants.  All to nourish your microbiome and support your digestion and mood.

Prebiotics + Probiotics + Enzymes
Delayed-Release Capsule
Third-Party Tested

“I am a big fan of this product and company. I will give 5 stars to other supplements but the supplements on Amazon are all over the place in terms of quality and the company behind it. You can tell when a company stands out with well-crafted products with unique and science-based blends and this is one of them.”

– Amazon Review


Your Microbes Matter.

Bacteria are under attack. Our lives are sterilized. Our diets include fewer and fewer fermented foods and plant fibers.  We chase away coughs with antibiotics.

Some of these changes protect us, but some are costly changes for the 100 trillion friendly bacteria in our digestive system.  A national survey found 74% of Americans are living with at least one digestive issue.

Probiotics+ is carefully crafted to help our gut bacteria friends. Our simple-to-take synbiotic supplement supports a variety of microbiome’s needs. 

Thoughtfully Designed. Delightfully Simple.

Probiotics+ was designed to incorporate all your microbiome’s daily needs into one capsule. We carefully selected a diverse array of probiotic strains including soil-based organisms, probiotics and psychobiotics.

To help these probiotics flourish, organic plant-based prebiotics were added. Prebiotics are very complex carbohydrates. They’re carbohydrate molecules that we don’t digest. Prebiotics don’t directly nourish us, but by nourishing our probiotics, our probiotics can nourish us.

All delivered in a delayed-release capsule to ensure its survival through the gut.

Restoring Roots. Staying Affordable. Nationally Recognized.

Your digestive system is the foundation of your health. Think about the roots of a plant. What do they do? They absorb nutrients for the plant. In our bodies, what are our roots? The digestive system. 

This parallel inspired us. We are dedicated to creating an affordable probiotic, encompassing as many benefits as possible into one capsule, in order to help people “restore their roots.”

And our dedication to detail paid off. Probiotics+ was a 2021 NEXTY Award Finalist for Best New Healthy Microbiome Product.

Responsibly Made. Third-Party Tested.​

We believe in thinking sustainably. With the launch of Probiotics+, we moved towards smaller packaging that uses 63% less plastic. The weight of each bottle was reduced by 60%. These changes will lower our carbon emissions from shipping by an estimated 62%.

We stand by our potency and purity with third party testing in an ISO-certified lab.

Time For Better Belly Laughs

Go With Your Gut Feeling. Get Probiotics+

All the microscopic things your microbiome wants in just one delayed-release capsule.

  • Soil-Based Organisms
  • Digestive Enzymes
  • Prebiotic Blend
  • Organic Plant Blends