Plant-Based Vitamin D3 + K2 + O3


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Why Vitamin D3? Our culture hides from the sun. We wear more clothes and spend less time in direct sunlight, so our bodies don’t receive the D3 we need to support hormone balance.


Move over sunshine, we’ve got the new source for the best Vitamin D:

  • OPTIMAL PHYSIOLOGY: Supports metabolic health
  • FOCUS: Supports cognitive function
  • BONE DENSITY: Supports bone health

Our Secret Ingredient: Our plant-based D3 is made from sustainably sourced USA lichen. Lichen is an incredibly unique plant and a vegan source of Vitamin D3.

Enhanced With Omega-3 DHA: As fat-soluble vitamins, D3 and K2 need fat to be absorbed in the body, so we added healthy essential fatty acids from algal omega-3 DHA.

Third-Party Tested: We send each batch to an ISO Certified Lab for additional analysis. (ISO certification is the standard for the pharmaceutical industry, but not the supplement industry. We’re just overachievers when it comes to ensuring the best quality. See the test results here)

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