Probiotics+ 42 Billion CFU | 30 ct.


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Probiotics+ is carefully crafted to incorporate all your microbiome’s daily needs into one capsule.
  • SOIL-BASED SYNBIOTIC A special blend of prebiotics and 42 Billion CFU popular probiotic strains and soil-based organisms:
  • DELAYED RELEASE TECHNOLOGY: Delayed-release capsules to deliver probiotics where they flourish.
  • THIRD-PARTY TESTED: We send each batch to an ISO Certified Lab for additional analysis. (ISO certification is the standard for the pharmaceutical industry, but not the supplement industry. We’re just overachievers when it comes to ensuring the best quality. See the test results here)
  • 2021 NEXTY AWARD FINALIST: Selected by the Natural Product Industries most prestigious awards as one of three Best New Healthy Microbiome products.
  • THINKING SUSTAINABLY: We reduced our packaging to use 63% less plastic and weigh 60% less. These changes lower our carbon emissions from shipping by an estimated 62%.



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