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Protecting Costa Rica’s BriBri Traditions

2% of Sales Go To Supporting The BriBri

We’ve partnered with El Puente The Bridge to support the indigenous BriBri People of Costa Rica.

October 16, 2023

BriBri Are Keepers of Costa Rica's Critical Plant Knowledge

Through our partnership with El Puente The Bridge, we contribute 2% of sales from our Grow With The Flow line to support the needs of Costa Rica’s BriBri community. This donation goes towards the operations of a community center for preserving their traditions, as well as helping fund school supplies and access to healthcare.

The BriBri are an incredibly wise and loving community. Their rich culture and knowledge are threatened by the commercial development of their homeland and increased access to Western media. El Puente The Bridge is dedicated to educating younger generations about their culture while providing them with essential resources to improve their quality of life. As one of the largest remaining indigenous populations in the country, we want to help honor their history and conservation.