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Healthy By Nature

We believe in creating wildly healthy things while simplifying your choices.

Quality From 3 Critical Criteria

Purity and potency are important, but we take it to another level.

Regenerative Organic

When we’re sourcing our plants, we start by looking for regenerative organic farms. If we can’t source from them, we’ll work with a certified organic farm. Other- wise, the plant must be sustainably wild crafted.

Digestible Nutrients

We prefer predigested nutrients and plants. Through timeless methods such as soaking, sprouting or fermentation, our ingredients are enhanced with enzymes, probiotics and vitamins for better digestion.

Third-party Testing

We send our products to an ISO Certified Lab for additional analysis. ISO certification is the standard for the pharmaceutical industry, but not the supplement industry.

Complex Science Made Simple

Too many choices. Too much confusion. We’re here to change that.

There’s a lot of noise around what you need to be healthy. With nature’s help, we make it simple. We distill nutritional complexity into practical simplicity.

We produce elegantly simple solutions by researching the data, surveying your options and considering the demands of your daily life. Every choice we make is designed to make your life easier. Everything you need. Nothing you don’t.

Our Probiotic Tea Process

Here’s how our nutrients are predigested with a probiotic fermentation

1 ) Saccharomyces spp.

It all starts with our favorite single-celled organism, Saccharomyces cerevisiae. The same microbe responsible for turning grapes into wine and hops into beer. We’re using it for brewing up vitamins.

2 ) Vitamins Join The Party

In each fermentation vessel, we feed the probiotic tea with organic botanicals and add a specific vitamin or mineral to the brew. The vitamin or mineral starts to ferment in the probiotic tea.

3 ) Microbial Magic

Fermentation is the process of mircobes, like Saccharomyces cerevisiae, transforming food. We let the vitamin or mineral ferment in the probiotic tea so the microbes can do their thing. They break down botanical glucose and produce vitamins and enzymes.

4 ) More Probiotics Join

At some point, we have to put an end to the microbial party. We add another beneficial probiotic, lactobacillus bulgaricus, to slow down the microbe activity and leave more benefits in the vitamins.

5 ) Mix It All Up

With the fermentation process complete, we gently dehydrate the probiotic tea and blend the different fermented vitamins and minerals into the thoughtful formulas we offer.

Better For People & Planet

We believe in sustainability and regenerative agriculture.

Our ingredients are carefully sourced with a preference for organic and sustainable growing practices.

We don’t use any nasty stuff. No additives or fillers that compromise quality. All love. No junk.