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We Need a Better Planet

An unhealthy place makes unhealthy people (and unhealthy plants)

For People, Wellness Is A Journey.

As a business, sustainability is our journey.

There is a link between human health and environment health. When our environment is polluted, we grow foods with more contamination and less nutrients. We can’t be passionate about plant-based eating and not take responsibility for the quality of plants grown around the world. So we’re taking sustainability seriously.

Sustainability is tricky challenge for businesses. There are a lot of exciting solutions emerging, but they can be unrealistically too expensive to use right now. We choose not to let perfection be the enemy of progress. We carefully evaluate all our options and strive to make the best choice for people and the planet.

Smarter Choices. Better Practices.

How do we strive to make smarter choices? We focus on three things.

Eating Plant Based

Why is this a smarter choice? The production of meats and animal products create 14.5% of the greenhouse gases every year – equal to all emissions from all cars, trucks, planes and boats.

Better Sourcing

Why is this a smarter choice? We believe healthy soil can solve the majority of our environmental issues, so we source ingredients from farmers using organic and sustainable practices.

Mindful Packaging

Why is this a smarter choice? Product packaging creates a lot of pollution problems. This is a complex issues to solve, so we are always evaluating all our options to make smarter choices.

Our Sustainability Journey

We are always exploring how to be better.

Careful Sourcing

We wanted the best quality ingredients in our products from the day we started. These happened to be better for the earth too.

Started with our ingredients...

Plastic Panic

On a trip to Cuba, we witnessed first-hand the amount of plastic pollution floating in our oceans. Then we saw more pictures. We heard staggering statistics. We felt guilty for using plastic bottles.

Then things got scary...

Packaging Audit

We brought all our products to a Sustainable review. We winced as we handed over our plastic containers, and were shocked when that wasn’t our Packaging summit in Boulder, Colorado for a complete problem.

Reviewed by the best...

Uh Oh, Bad Labels

Our first label design used a reflective material to stand out on the shelves. Unfortunately, this material can jam up recycling machines, so recycling facilities would reject our containers. We made changes.

Surprise, surprise...

Circular Students

At the Sustainable Packaging summit, we were introduced to the circular economy and the idea of making decisions based on a product’s full life cycle. We started using this framework to make more improvements.

Dug deep into the research...

Shift Towards PCR

A Circular Economy needs a proper recycling infrastructure to work. We want to help build this infrastructure by creating market demand for recycled materials. We started sourcing post-consumer recycled materials in our packaging and promotional pieces.

Everything should be recycled...

Permaculture Certified

In the fall of 2017, Nutritional Roots team spent a week on a regnerative organic farm in Missouri learning all the principles of permaculture. By the end of the week, our team was certified in permaculture design.

Down to the roots of how to grow...

SOS: Save Our Soil

We traced the quality of our ingredients down to the soil and discovered healthy soil can help solve a lot of our problems. We can improve nutrition, help balance the global temperature and restore water levels – all by taking care of the soil.

Health from soil to self...

The Circular Economy

We are students of best practices.

We did lots of research on how businesses can make better choices to limit their environmental footprint. Our favorite approach is the circular economy –  where we think of the economy as a closed-loop ecosystem. The inputs of a circular economy will be equal to the outputs. By creating this balance, a circular economy could achieve a sustainable marketplace where everything is reused infinitely.

Right now, we are a long way from achieving a circular economy, but we want to contribute towards bringing this idea to life by evaluating our decisions in the context of a Life Cycle Analysis. We want to look at all the ways our products impact the environment, and then find ways to limit the harm and enhance the good.

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