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Meet the Key 3: Everyday Essentials

June 5, 2022

Born From Experience

Our founder. Todd J. Pesek, M.D., (lovingly referred to as “Dr. Todd”) is a fourth-generation Appalachian Root Doctor who went to medical school.  After graduating from Ohio State medical school, Dr. Pesek spent time traveling the world as an academic ethnobotanist researching traditional medicine, nutrition, and plants. He returned back to Cleveland, Ohio where – more than 15 years ago – he launched his private medical practice.  Our products are formulated to reflect the nutrient insufficiencies and deficiencies that Dr. Pesek documented in reviewing thousands of his patients’ blood work.

Dr. Pesek identified recurring deficiencies and commonalities among patients born from diet, lifestyle, and environmental stressors.  With a philosophy to restore natural physiology through appropriate therapies while monitoring evidence-based outcomes in the promotion of holistic health, Dr. Pesek designed key supplements he believes we all need:

  • A whole-food fermented Multivitamin
  • Plant-based Vitamin D3
  • A Probiotic with diverse strains


The world’s first plant-based multivitamin that was formulated by a plant-based medical doctor to treat patients at his holistic medical practice and a finalist for a NEXTY award at EXPO West 2022 for “best new product supporting a plant-based lifestyle.”. Multivitamin+ combines fermented whole food nutrients with organic vegetables and herbs.  Since 2004, the number of plant-based American’s increased by 4,650%. Great news for health and sustainability. Unfortunately, due to modern farming practices and depleted soil quality our crops contain as much as 30% fewer nutrients than 50 years ago.  Nearly, 40% of American adults are obese and diet-driven diseases are on the rise.

Our mission: complete nutritional support from plant-based nutrients. By supplementing dietary choices with essential whole food nutrients, Multivitamin+ brings our mission to life.  Multivitamin+ provides better digestion of whole food nutrients through the metabolic magic of fermentation and we enhance these fermented nutrients with blends of organic vegetables, herbs, and botanicals.

Vitamin D3 + K2 (Now with added Omega-3 DHA)!

Given humans aren’t running around naked in the sun like our ancestors, vitamin D deficiency is one of the most problematic modern day deficiencies.  A recent National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey found that 39% of people were vitamin D deficient.  Dr. Todd saw this too as he analyzed patient’s blood work for the last 15 years.  Lacking a best option in competitors, he was inspired to make his own affordable solution for patients.  Our D3 + K2 with Omega-3 is the most efficient solution in a 3-in-1 version.

It contains 5000 IU’s of plant-based vitamin D3 made from lichen, sustainably harvested in Oregon, USA.  We also included vitamin K2 to aid in calcium absorption and help prevent arterial calcification.  Additionally because vitamin D and Vitamin K are fat-soluble vitamins, we added the Omega-3 DHA, a beneficial fatty acid, to maximize the bioavailability of this supplement.  This supplement has personally worked wonders for our team and Dr. Todd has seen his patients’ vitamin D levels optimize quicker than ever with the inclusion of Omega-3.

Truly an amazing 3-in-1 supplement!


This brand new probiotic was one of 3 finalists out of hundreds of submissions for a NEXTY award the “best new product supporting a healthy microbiome” at the EXPO East 2021 annual health and wellness convention. We’re ecstatic about getting so much recognition right out of the gate.  It’s a synbiotic supplement blending soil-based organisms with psychobiotics, prebiotics, enzymes and organic botanical blends in a trademarked delayed release capsule. All to nourish the microbiome and support digestion and mood.  The need arose because our lives have been sterilized.  We’re no longer consuming the fermented foods our ancestors did.  74% of Americans have at least one digestive issue. This digestive supplement supports a diverse array of the microbiome’s needs: Innovative organic prebiotics to feed the microbes in our gut.  Diverse and hardy probiotic strains including soil based organisms and psychobiotics.  A blend of enzymes to support healthy digestion.  An added blend of mood supporting organic herbals like ashwagandha and valerian root.  All delivered in a trademarked delayed release capsule to ensure its survival through the gut.

After all, our digestive system is the foundation of our health.  Think about the roots of a plant. What do they do? They absorb nutrients for the plant. In our bodies, what are our roots? The digestive system. This was our inspiration for us, and we wanted to create a probiotic that encompassed as many benefits as possible into one capsule, in order to help people “restore their roots” with an emphasis on mental health by adding specific strains of psychobiotics that work with our gut-brain axis via the vagus nerve to support a happy mind.

Award Winning Essential Vitamins for A Modern Lifestyle

For more than 30 years, delicious living has been a trusted voice online and in print for the natural health community. delicious living meets modern needs with contemporary natural health care methods and expert advice, covering everything from health trends to natural beauty to healthy cooking.  Each year gold, silver, and bronze awards are given by Delicious Living Magazine to leaders in the industry.

Nutritional Roots is thrilled to have won not one but three awards this year! (And we’re not talking gold or silver).

Meet the consumer’s choice gold winners of the following categories:

  • Best Multivitamin/Multimineral: Nutritional Roots Multivitamin+
  • Best Immunity Product: Nutritional Roots Vitamin D3 + K2
  • Best Digestive Health Product: Nutritional Roots Probiotics+

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