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Multivitamin+ 2022 NEXTY Award Finalist

Multivitamin+ is a finalist in the Product Supporting a Healthy Microbiome category.

March 1, 2022

Nutritional Roots’ New Multivitamin+ Selected As 2022 NEXTY Award Finalist

Nutritional Roots invested two years designing and developing their new Multivitamin+.  This industry recognition is validation they’ve developed something special.

The 2022 NEXTY Awards announced Multivitamin+ as a finalist in the “Best New Product Supporting a Plant-Based Lifestyle” category. This whole-foods, fermented multivitamin was selected from more than 700 category nominations.

“Our team spent years formulating Multivitamin+. It’s absolutely thrilling to be recognized as a NEXTY Award finalist among so many other innovative new products at such a prestigious health & wellness trade show,” said Nutritional Roots Co-founder Justin Root.

Since 2004, the number of plant-based American’s increased by 4,650%. Great news for health and sustainability. Unfortunately, our crops contain as much as 30% fewer nutrients than 50 years ago. Our founding medical doctor witnessed these nutritional gaps while reviewing the blood work of thousands of plant-based patients. Multivitamin+ provides better digestion of whole food nutrients through the metabolic magic of fermentation.

This plant-based multivitamin was founded by a Medical Doctor based on his experience traveling the world as an academic ethnobotanist and subsequently healing his patients’ nutrient insufficiencies at his holistic medical practice. It provides better digestion and absorption of minerals through the metabolic magic of fermentation, coming from whole food sources, enhanced by probiotics and enzymes, creating gentle-to-digest nutrients you can take at any time. It also includes unique additions like boron and magnesium, that work together to enhance bone strength, and an organic herbal blend of ingredients shown to fortify the immune system like echinacea and black elderberry.


“We put so much into making Multivitamin+,” said Nutritional Roots Founder Dr. Todd J. Pesek M.D. “We are so grateful to be recognized by NEXTY Awards for all our efforts.


“Practice what you preach sums up Nutritional Roots’ approach to medicine and product formulation. The company’s founder, Dr. Todd J. Pesek, has long touted the benefits of a diet rich in plants but also observed, and developed a solution for, its pitfalls. While all people can benefit from a multivitamin to address nutrient gaps, vegetarians tend to experience specific deficiencies, including B12 and biotin. Enter Nutritional Roots Plant-Based Multivitamin, a fermented plant-based formulation based on 15 years of Dr. Pesek’s clinical work. The multi is made with a range of fermented whole-food nutrients, incorporating algae-based omega-3 DHA, boron and probiotics to help with absorption and move consumers back to their “nutritional roots.” – New Hope Network


The NEXTY Awards is a biannual awards program connected to New Hope Network’s in-person and digital events. They were created to recognize the pinnacle of excellence in the natural products industry, elevating impactful brands and products that inspire a healthy, sustainable future for people and planet. Learn about the NEXTY Awards at

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