Plant-Based Multivitamin + B12 – 90 ct.


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Why Multivitamins? Our fruits and vegetables have fewer nutrients than they did 20 years ago. Fill the gaps.


Our whole-food multivitamin is made with nutrients activated by probiotic fermentation and sprouting, and since more than 80% of vegans can be found to be B12 deficient, we loaded our multivitamin with more than 4000% of the daily value of vitamin B12.

All to support optimal wellness.

  • OPTIMAL ENERGY: Supports metabolic function
  • OPTIMAL IMMUNITY: Immune system support
  • MENTAL CLARITY: Supports cognitive function

Our Fermented Whole Food Multi is our first product with the Doctor’s Plantscription™ Blend. Our proprietary blend is made from the best organic and sustainably grown herbs, mushrooms and seeds. We take these carefully sourced ingredients and enhance their nutrient value through our Fermactivated™ fermentation process. The result is nutrient-rich blends you won’t find anywhere else.

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