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of agricultural land suffers erosion

Our superfoods & supplements are produced sustainably.

76 million

Americans are on thyroid medication

Support healthy thyroid function with superfoods & supplements.*


of the U.S. population is Vitamin-D deficient

Optimal Vitamin D levels support hormone balance and mental wellbeing.*

meet dr. todd pesek

the physician and superfood force behind Nutritional Roots

Raised among his family’s herbalist and root doctoring traditions, Dr. Todd embraced a calling of holistic health and wellness from any early age. The lessons learned in the woods and on his family’s self-sustaining farm stemmed into an academic pursuit of medicine and ethnobotany.

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why do you need superfoods & supplements?

Eat Yourself Super, Dr. Todd’s guide to superfoods, is the first step towards optimizing body function.*

how do you support weight loss, increased energy & more?

Start by integrating superfoods into your diet, manage fats and sugars, and smart supplementation.*

how do you reduce the risk of illness, disease & signs of aging?

Disease manifests as a consequence of toxicity and trauma in our modern environment, lifestyle and diet.*


a few folks showing us some love

Nutritional Roots Testimonial Girl

Dr. Todd’s wellness strategy has changed my life. Through eating superfoods and daily supplementation, I’ve felt my energy increase, my focus improve and lost weight.

-Lauren Overby

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