of agricultural land suffers erosion
Our superfoods & supplements are produced sustainably.
Americans are on thyroid medication
Support healthy thyroid function with superfoods & supplements.*
of the U.S. population is Vitamin-D deficient
Optimal Vitamin D levels support hormone balance.*

Meet Dr. Todd J. Pesek, M.D.

Physician and superfood force behind Nutritional Roots

Raised among his family’s herbalist and root doctoring traditions, Dr. Todd embraced a calling of holistic health and wellness from any early age. The lessons learned in the woods and on his family’s self-sustaining farm stemmed into an academic pursuit of medicine and ethnobotany.

Superfood Schooling

Learn how you can achieve optimal health

Why do you need superfoods & supplements?
Eat Yourself Super, Dr. Todd’s guide to superfoods, is the first step towards optimizing body function.*
How do you support weight loss, increased energy & more?
Start by integrating superfoods into your diet, manage fats and sugars, and smart supplementation.*
How do you reduce the risk of illness, disease & signs of aging?
Disease manifests as a consequence of toxicity and trauma in our modern environment, lifestyle and diet.*


A few folks showing us some love

“I stood strong with Dr. Todd’s help that patiently guided and supported me to resist conventional medicine. I am glad I did.”

– John Marra

It's time to give your body what it needs!

Explore Dr. Todd’s choice for nutritional supplements, essential oils and wellness solutions.

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