About Nutritional Roots

Our philosophy stems from Dr. Todd Pesek’s medical and cultural experiences

Planting The Seed

Before he was a doctor, he was an inquisitive boy raised by tradition and nature.

Dr. Todd’s deep-rooted passion for food started as a little boy in the mountains of rural Appalachia. Raised among his family’s herbalist and root doctoring traditions, Dr. Todd embraced a calling of holistic health and wellness from any early age. The lessons learned in the woods and on his family’s self-sustaining farm stemmed into an academic pursuit of medicine and ethnobotany.Dr. Todd earned his medical doctorate from The Ohio State University College of Medicine and the Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, Ohio. Today, Dr. Todd runs a private practice in northeastern Ohio, serves as Chief Medical Officer of Heinen’s Fine Foods and teaches as a tenured professor at Cleveland State University. (His demanding schedule is all fueled by superfoods.)

Growing Roots

Practicing medicine to honor his heritage and validate overlooked science

Dr. Todd cultivated his approach to wellness through exploring traditional healing practice and rigorous academic study. After earning his medical doctorate, Dr. Todd founded a private practice, VitalHealth Ohio, to heal patients with whole foods, smart supplementation and traditional healing remedies.

Branching Out

Clinical success inspires passion to share wellness
outside of medical practice

With the experience of thousands of patients, Dr. Todd evolved his strategies at successfully prescribing food, supplements and traditional remedies to treat ailments ranging from a cold to cancer*. His clinical successes validate his approach to wellness and inspire him to expand his reach beyond Ohio.

Stretching To The Sky

Nutritional Roots is born from a culmination of clinical achievements, business acumen, and innovative techniques for producing raw, whole-food based supplements and wellness solutions

Dr. Todd recognized his clinical success was limited to his availability and geography. He needed an organization to produce the highest quality supplements and wellness solutions to educate and empower health across the country. With the support of a dedicated and experienced team, Dr. Todd founded Nutritional Roots.

Our Vision

To foster community through learning and empower wellness with superfoods and supplement solutions. We look to be the go-to source for the best products and information for personal wellness.

Our Values

We believe true wellness can be attained through nature, pure water, superfoods and supplements, so we honor people and planet through ethically sourced, organic, raw, NON-GMO, whole-food ingredients.

Now You Know About Us

How we can help you?

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